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About Me


- Currently in India -

Hey, I’m James (24) and home is Stonehaven on the North East coast of Scotland.


I have always had a passion for experiencing different cultures through travel and I have my parents to thank for this. They introduced the wonders of the world to my brother and I from young ages and opened our eyes to all the adventure that was out there. I enjoy road tripping, meeting new people with similar interests and creating as many lasting memories as I can.

After school I studied Coaching and Developing Sport at college for 2 years. After I decided that Uni was not for me, I embarked on a 13 month adventure to Australia with my partner Jenny from 2016 through to late 2017, with 2 months in South East Asia and Europe. Now, we work seasonally in Wester Ross, Scotland where we get 5 months of holidays in winter to travel.

It is my opinion that life experience is much more meaningful and rewarding to a person than any degree could be. Obviously we are all different, but there are so many amazing sights in our world, why wouldn't you want to see them? 

5 Random Facts:

  • I've broken 6 bones in my right arm

  • I have 22 tattoos

  • I've travelled to 30 countries

  • I have a very strong addiction to Candy Crush

  • Childhood dream: author

All photography of me is by Jenny (@jenrosephotos)