Europe | Amsterdam, Netherlands


I have been to Amsterdam 4 times and I absolutely love it. The vibe about the place is so relaxed and the city itself is a sight to behold. On all my trips to Europe and elsewhere I make a point of taking a few days in Dam. I usually stay at the Uptown Flying Pig Hostel, located right on the edge of beautiful Vondelpark and within walking distance to everything else. 


Sights to see in Dam:


  • The Canals: Take a boat tour or just wander. Around every corner is a new canal that’ll be just as scenic as the last. The more you wander off the beaten path, the better they get.

  • Anne Frank’s House: Visit the house where the famous Jewish diarist hid during the war. Take a free audio tour and retrace Anne’s steps. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be amazed at the tiny space she had to live and hide in for 2 years, without making any noise.

  • Van Gogh Museum: The world’s largest Van Gogh art collection.

  • Hash and Hemp Museum: An unbiased look at the medicinal qualities of Marijuana and it’s past. You’ll learn a lot. One ticket gains access to 3 museums. 

  • Vondelpark: This massive park is perfect for a cycle or walk.

  • Amsterdam Sign: How you gonna go to Dam and not take a photo at the sign?

  • Coffeeshops: Obviously, Dam is known for its leniency towards weed. If this is your type of thing, I would recommend my favourite, called Coffeeshop Superskunk, located right on a canal with sofas through the back and a patio out front.