Europe | Berlin, Germany


I stayed in Berlin for 4 nights in 2015. My friend and I stayed in a hostel in a 4 man mixed dorm whilst on our road trip of Europe. We spent most nights chilling by the river or going out to bars and through the days we wandered or rented bikes from across the road. We became friends with our roommates, Pari and Jessie, and after we left Berlin discovered the they were both pretty high profile tattoo artists in Australia (@pari_corbitt on insta). Berlin is a very spread out city and I remember there isn't really a "centre". 

Things to do:

  • Berlin Tower: The tallest structure in Germany. At 203m up there is a rotating restaurant and an observation deck providing views all over Berlin. When I went queues were very long and you had to take a ticket and come back an hour later.

  • Rent bikes: The best way to explore cities. You'll find a heap of rental shops for an okay price. We cycled to everything to save petrol money.

  • Berlin Wall: This 155km long wall was constructed overnight to divide Berlin during the cold war. It has since been reconstructed and acts as a place for people to express their opinion (mostly political) through graffiti, just like the John Lennon Wall in Prague.

  • Berghain Club: Referred to as the World Capital of Techno and probably the most famous club in Europe. With strict bouncers, it is renowned for being almost impossible to get into unless you fit the appearance they are looking for which is, if I remember rightly, all black clothing and a sort of "alternative look". They also will reject you if you can't speak German to them at the gate.

  • Holocaust Memorial: For some reason that is still unknown to me, I didn't go to this. The memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe consists of 2711 concrete slabs arranged for people to walk between. The nearby "Palace of Information" holds the names of 3 million Jewish Holocaust victims.

  • Reichstag Building: The home of the German Parliament. Enter for a great view and historical information on the war.

I am certainly up for another visit to do all of the things that I missed out before!