Australia | Blue Mountains


Located an hour from Sydney by car, it would be a sin to not go to the Blue Mountains. I think this was probably my highlight of the east coast. The Blue Mountains are epic, there’s no other word. It’s like the Grand Canyon except blue and green. In total we spent 3 nights here, 2 at Blackheath Glen Reserve, a free camp about 10 minutes north where you are allowed to make fires as long as you bring your own wood, and 1 night at a rest area when we left.



Wentworth falls 

These falls are on 3 levels, total height of which is 187m. There is an easy trail to get there or alternately there is a viewpoint over the valley which is what we did.


Govetts Leap lookout

A short drive from Katoomba is the car park for this view over the valley.

Evans lookout

We had this one completely to ourselves - much like the rest of the East Coast. 

Echo point & the 3 Sisters 

Being the main attractions in the Blue Mountains, this one was very busy with tourists. From Echo Point you get a fabulous view over the 3 sisters rock formation. There are also numerous hikes around here you can do.

Lincoln point

The highlight of the Blue Mountains for me. I don't know how this wasn't as busy as Echo point. Lincoln point is a large, unfenced lookout that is relatively unknown. I don't actually think it was even in the Lonely Planet guide. We found a cliff edge which was the perfect spot for dangling the legs and getting that Insta (as seen in the photo at the top).

Don't even bother going to the Blue Mountains if this isn't on your itinerary.

Sublime point 

A short descent down stairs and you will have a view of the 3 sisters from another direction.

Each night we camped I had to wear sweatpants, a t-shirt, hoodie and 3 pairs of socks and I was still shivering – it was super cold! I guess thats what you get for doing a winter road trip. 

Don't miss the Blue Mountains!