Europe | Krk, Croatia



During my Europe road trip, my friend and I stopped on the island of Krk for 4 or 5 days. Krk is the largest Croatian island and is connected to the mainland by a bridge, making it an obvious choice for a road trip. After a long drive from Vienna we slept in the car near a long pier at a town called Soline. We had no idea where we were and had no phone reception but were greeted by an amazing view the next morning. After getting wifi and being able to see, we checked into Jesevak campsite in the main town on Krk called “Krk” and set up the tent.


In the ancient town of Krk there is a castle called Frankopan with large, round towers and surrounding it are narrow, historic streets. It made for a great place to get lost. There was lots of small hidden beaches and we mainly chilled on them and blasted a rugby ball about. I also managed to get my phone stolen in the campsite by stupidly leaving it on charge in the public toilets. 

Small Islands


Korcula is a relatively small (47km long) island off the Croatian coast. We sailed to Vela Luka, the largest town on the island, for a night or two. 


We also visited the smaller island of Vis for about the same amount of time. It was around here that we split while on anchor as opposed to in a marina. We woke up in the middle of the night to a group of Germans screaming on a nearby boat. It appeared our anchor had come loose and we had drifted over to their boat and they were not happy to say the least. We prevented any damage and, instead of anchoring up in the dark, decided to begin sailing back to the mainland a few hours early. You can laugh about it now, but at the time it was intense!