USA | New York City


Date visited: October 2012


Throughout the week here are the activities and sights that we did.


Empire State Building 

With 103 stories, the Empire State Building was the world’s tallest building until 1970 and has been crowned America’s Favourite Piece of Architecture. We got tickets allowing us entry in the day and at night. The view from the top is a special one and you can see all of the city. It was extra special at nighttime when all the streetlights were lit.



After a packed metro ride around the city, us and thousands of fans headed for the Metlife stadium. At the stadium we got tickets to see the New York Jets play against a team I cannot recall. I remember the atmosphere was like no sport at home in Scotland and the fans really were so passionate and into it. We had hot dogs for dinner at the stadium and tried to follow what was going on below. It’s quite a slow sport, but I guess if you know what’s going on then it isn’t at all! I got a free poster of star player Sanchez as we left. 


Boat Cruise

We got a boat tour of the city, heading up the Hudson river and out to the Statue Of Liberty. A boat tour is always a great way to learn things about where you are and also to get an entirely different perspective than from the road or plane.


Times Square

Tourist hub of the CBD. Times Square is probably the main attraction for most travellers. The bright lights, street entertainers and plethora of other attractions all obviously work as this place was swarming every time I walked passed it. Great for a photo, definitely would be a sight to behold at a time like New Year’s Eve.


Ground Zero

The chilling memorial and museum commemorating the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centres. The museum displays artefacts like office paperwork, surviving staircases, books, photos, hats, videos… pretty much anything that remained intact on September 11, 2001. Its quite a strange feeling to see it all because it all belonged to people who lost their lives and you are effectively gaining access to their private lives without them knowing. Its hard to explain what I mean, but its certainly an eye-opener. 


The memorials, located at the base of where each building stood, have the names of the 2,977 people who died that day engraved on them and they are designed as fountains. Its when you wander around the memorials that you get a sense of just how many people 2.977 really is.


Madam Tussauds 

Wax museum of celebrities 


Brooklyn Bridge

Connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn, the bridge has a pedestrian walkway and bike lane and offers panoramic views over Manhattan. Take a walk into the Brooklyn Bridge Park too.


Central Park

This park consists of 843 acres of greenery, lakes and meadows and is famous worldwide. You can walk for nearly 10km without going over the same bit of pavement until you get back to where you started. We visited the Central Park Zoo, but there is also the Belvedere Castle, Central Park Resevoir, The Carousel and many more attractions within. We also saw the bridge that features in Home Alone 2 with the woman with all the birds.


Natural History Museum

On the edge of Central Park, this Museum holds over 30 million artifacts. It features anything from ancient fossils to marine life to an IMAX theatre to a butterfly conservatory and a planetarium.


USS Intrepid Sea and Air Museum

This interactive museum (on a boat) tells the story of how the Intrepid survived numerous bombings and kamikaze attacks during WWII. On the flight deck there are military planes and helicopters. Tours are available and so are flight simulators to let you experience the amount of G-force jet plane pilots must handle.