Czech Republic | Prague


Prague is another one of those cities that gets in my top 5. With a historic core and the same population as Estonia, it's also a very modern and lively place. I’ve been twice, once on my Europe road trip and once with family in 2014 and I loved it more each time. It produces (apparently) the best beer in Europe and hosts many art galleries and displays, street musicians and large green spaces. The city is split in 2 parts by The Vltava River and the magnificent Charles Bridge allows you to cross it. I think anyone would love this place...


Things to do:

  • Old Town: Including the Old Town Square and famous (for some strange reason) Astronomical Clock (see photo below).

  • John Lennon wall: A colourful wall with John Lennon-inspired art and graffiti covering it.

  • Narrowest sweet in Prague: A strange one, but until this I’d never seen a street for pedestrians so narrow that you need traffic lights to get through. There’s always someone who ignores it and gets stuck.

  • Prague Castle: This castle overlooks the whole city and is the largest castle in Europe, providing panoramic views over the city as well as tours around the complex.

  • Charles Bridge: Iconic foot bridge that crosses the Vltava river, connecting the Old Town to the Castle side of town. It might take you a fair while to cross because of all of the people and the distracting shops, street performers and stalls.

  • A limo car tour/free walking tour: Open-top limo tours from the Castle are good fun but prepare for lots of stares in your direction.